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The AAHA Library is a collection of information published by AAHA and a reference to other sites within the veterinary industry. This compilation includes the Association's Guidelines, diagnostic terms, implementation toolkits, position statements and endorsements, news and research, Trends magazine, Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, and  publications from AAHA Press. You can search through the information manually according to how it was published, or you can take advantage of the search function simply by entering the topic you’d like to see more about.

AAHA Guidelines and Implmentation Toolkits

Our commitment to raising the quality of care throughout veterinary medicine and our status as a leader in the industry is evident through the guidelines, terms, and toolkits we’ve created and continually update.

Veterinary Resources

This section features the AAHA Diagnostic Terms; Preventive Healthcare Resources; a selection of reports, studies, and other documents of interest to veterinary professionals; and recent headlines pertinent to the veterinary profession.

AAHA Positions & Endorsements

AAHA is looked to as a leader in the industry, and as such, our opinions and stance on certain topics within veterinary medicine are relied upon.


Search through all of the Association’s publications including Trends magazine, Trends Today, NEWStat and JAAHA, as well as the resources published by AAHA Press.

Industry Websites

These sites are listed for your reference, including those of state veterinary medical associations, specialty boards and colleges, other industry associations, universities and more.

Parasite Counselor

This free, one-hour, online course is designed for all veterinary staff. It is the first module in a series of four that will make up the AAHA Parasite Counselor Program.