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AAHA Career Center

AAHA Career Center

AAHA's Veterinary Career Opportunities

Job Seekers: Continue Your pursuit of Excellence

Current Resumes: 26022
Current Jobs: 1291
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If you have any questions about how to use the new AAHA Career Center, please call 1-888-491-8833 or email customerservice+167411@support.boxwoodtech.com.

New Externship Directory

Got externships? Looking for externships? Visit the AAHA's Externship Directory, the newest benefit exclusively for accredited members and students to connect. Add your practice information or search the new AAHA Externship Directory today.

Mentorships Make Sense

The Association has developed mentoring guidelines and tools to help mentors and mentees alike facilitate and define the support needed to start and maintain a successful mentorship. Former AAHA President Thomas Carpenter, DVM, says this resource is a great place for anyone interested in mentoring to start:
"Mentoring is all about moving the associate forward both professionally and personally in the most effective way possible," Carpenter says. "It is a very personal and trusting relationship that is developed through mutual effort and protected time. The mentor and mentored develop a vision plan together so both are clear on what [they] are trying to achieve."
  • Mentoring Guidelines: These guidelines are intended for mentees and mentors alike. They feature strategies for finding a mentor, outlining the responsibilities of each party, maintaining a mentorship and the beneficial impact that mentorships bring to successful personal and professional development.
  • Mentor Reference Guide: A quick reference guide for the mentor on mentor roles and responsibilities
  • Mentee Reference Guide: A quick reference guide for the mentee on mentee roles and responsibilities
  • Action Steps: A comprehensive checklist of action steps to start and maintain a successful mentoring relationship
  • Agreement Checklist: A list of items that may be included in a mentoring agreement

My Veterinary Career

My Veterinary Career
Whether you’re a job seeker, or a veterinary practice searching for the perfect candidate for your practice, My Veterinary Career (MVC) can help. The “matchmaker” of the veterinary industry, MVC works hard to match the right veterinary professionals with the right veterinary practices, every time. With an impressive 2% turnover rate (compared to 30% within the industry*), and matches that are guaranteed for six months, you can trust MVC to find your perfect match.

* U.S. Department of Labor

For practices:

  • Save money. The high turnover rate in the veterinary industry is scary, and what’s even scarier is that for every employee who is lost, your practice will pay up to two times that person’s annual salary simply to replace them.** MVC’s services are guaranteed—if the veterinary professional you choose through MVC leaves within six months, we’ll replace them at no cost to you.
  • Save time. MVC’s process spares you from having to collect resumes, screen applicants, and interview multiple candidates.
  • Find a “custom fit” candidate, tailored to fit your practice needs. MVC is unique in the industry, we don’t simply present resumes, we present the best candidate for your specific needs—needs that are determined based on a comprehensive hospital profile. We screen our candidates extensively, ensuring the best fit for your practice. Interested in a practice transition? MVC will find the perfect professional to take over when you’re ready to move on.
  • No risk. No upfront costs, no exclusivity.

Find the perfect veterinary professional to join your team now!

** AAHA, 2009

For job-seekers:

  • Get a lot, pay nothing. This is a free service for job-seekers. An in-depth personality assessment ensures you end up at a practice that suits you, and MVC will walk you through the entire hiring process, from start to finish.
  • Increase your appeal to practices. MVC will help you create an effective resume, and will even work with you to sharpen your interviewing skills.

Find the perfect practice now!

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