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Your Role as an Accredited Member

This campaign cannot be a success without your help. We need every accredited member on board, leveraging the AAHA brand—a brand that has proven to resonate with your clients. We’re doing the heavy lifting and behind-the-scenes work, but it’s your responsibility to take advantage of this campaign—and reap the benefits of a pet—owning public that is more educated on the topic of veterinary hospital accreditation. In addition to branding your practice as AAHA, it is crucial to this campaign’s success that you educate your entire staff about accreditation and encourage them to spread the word, sharing with your clients and community.

Display the new logo and tagline

A first step toward leveraging the AAHA brand is to think about the places where you can display the new logo and tagline. Click here to get your AAHA-accredited logo. We've developed a checklist of suggestions to get you started:


  • Outdoor signage, including those that stand alone and are attached to your building—28 percent of clients find their veterinarian by driving by, and that number increases to 31 percent in suburban areas
  • Window and door decals, which we'll provide for you


  • Your accreditation plaque/certificate
  • Invoices
  • Business cards
  • Practice letterhead
  • Lapel pins
  • Name tags
  • Scrubs and lab coats
  • Apparel: 10 percent discount on all purchases and logo applications of the accredited logo from Lands’ End Business Outfitters; accredited members have exclusive access to this savings and logo, as well as the opportunity to order items with their own practice logo at the same discount
  • Counter posters, large wall posters and "We Are AAHA-Accredited" brochures, all of which can be found in AAHA's complimentary Accreditation Awareness Kit
  • Business card holder magnets, coloring sheets, and brochures for clients to take home
  • Screensavers around your office
  • Your “We are AAHA Accredited” congratulatory counter card, received when you pass your accreditation
  • New puppy/kitten kits that you can create for your clients, to include the “We are AAHA Accredited” brochures

Establish an Accreditation Advocate

As part of your role, we’re asking that each accredited practice identify an accreditation advocate, the person at your practice who will become our contact for communicating all accreditation and campaign activities. If you know who you would like to be your accreditation coordinator, please email their information, including practice name, address, phone number, and personal email to derek.nagy@aahanet.org.

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